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Learn About Applications
Learn About Applications

Learn how to create, publish and manage Applications.

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This feature is available on the Advanced and Pro Plans.

Applications and how an organization can use them.

Applications are a way to recruit and screen volunteers for specific roles or projects. There are a few elements to Applications:

Edit Application - Create a detailed description of the opportunity, add a photo, and promote it on your hub, or invite people to apply by sharing a link to the Application page. Note: If you do not wish to recruit with a signup page, you can skip this part as it is not mandatory.

Screening - Once volunteers start to apply for the opportunity they will appear in the New section of the Screening view. Similar to Onboarding, there is a pipeline that allows you to review the application and Qualify or Decline (Archive) the applicant.

Details - This is the settings page for the Application where you can attach a form volunteers must complete, adjust the visibility permissions, and select your confirmation preferences.

Link to a Position - When adding positions to a shift schedule, you can link an application in the 'Manage Positions' edit view which will ensure only Qualified people can sign up for those shifts.

Automated Confirmation Emails

When you Qualify a volunteer either manually or through the screening process, they will be sent an automated confirmation email to let them know you have received their application and if you Qualify them, they will be sent the default custom message. If you wish to customize this email, you can attach a template to the Details page of the Application. If you do not wish to send any Confirmation emails you can also uncheck the box for this section. The custom template is ONLY sent to confirmed people.

Note: Timecounts does not send automated decline emails when you archive an applicant. We advise that you send a general email that is customized to let them know the status of their application. You can create a template email in Settings that can be inserted.

Create a New Application

Go to Recruit and from the Applications list view click the 'New Application' button top right corner. Give your Application a name. You will be able to edit this later as long as the name isn't already in use. Select a time commitment and add a location. If you don't have a specific location you can simply type in the name of the city or put a custom location name.

Designing an Application Page

You can create a fully detailed application page by uploading an image and adding content to the description sections. You have the ability to select from different sections or create a custom section. This was designed with a job or project description in mind. Volunteers are interested in learning all about the opportunity, what they can expect, what you are looking for, and anything that will help them decide to apply.

Opening and Closing Applications

Opening an Application is similar to publishing. This makes it available for people to sign up. You can open and close an application as many times as needed for various intakes throughout the year. When you have too many applications you can close, and when you are ready to recruit more volunteers simply Open the application again.

To control the visibility preferences of the Application, or who sees it, go to the Details page. It is set to Public by default.

Archive an Application

If you no longer need to recruit or keep a Qualified list of volunteers for an Application, you may wish to Archive it. Archiving it does not delete the Application, you can make it active again at any time - but it does require that you remove all links to positions and it will change the status of all volunteers to Archived.

There are two ways to Archive an application:

  1. From the Applications list view click the icon with three dots to the right. This will reveal an option to 'Archive Application'.

  2. Open the Application and top right corner click the arrow on the Open/Close button to reveal an option to 'Archive'

Delete an Application

Deleting should really only be used if you created a test Application or have an Application that you don't plan to use. Deleting removes all data associated with the Application and cannot be undone. To Delete, go to the Applications List view and click the icon with three dots to the right, this dropdown has a Delete button.

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