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Qualifying Volunteers for an Application
Qualifying Volunteers for an Application

The benefits of qualifying volunteers and how to do it

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What does it mean to Qualify someone?

Applications use the term 'Qualify' to approve or confirm a volunteer for the opportunity. As they tend to be more skill-based opportunities, Qualifying can give a volunteer additional permissions to sign up for shifts where the position is linked with an Application. A Qualified list of volunteers creates a natural talent pool you can reach out to with opportunities that fit their skills and interests.

Manually Qualify a Volunteer

If you prefer to skip a public recruitment process or simply already know who you wish to Qualify for an Application you can manually add them as long as they are listed in the Directory.
1. Open the Application to the Screening page and select 'Qualified'. From this view, there is a 'Qualify' button that will give you a popup where you can search for someone in the Directory to Qualify.

2. You can open the Profile card of the person you wish to Qualify and from the Applications tab click the Qualify button to reveal a dropdown to select.
3. If you wish to bulk select a number of volunteers to qualify at once, go to the Directory, filter, and use the checkboxes next to their name to select who you wish to Qualify. You will then see in the toolbar a button to 'Qualify' that will provide a dropdown of options.

Qualify New Applicants

If you open an Application, volunteers can apply online. Once a volunteer submits their application you will see a task on your dashboard to review. If you prefer to auto-accept applications go to the Details page of the Application and adjust this setting. All applicants will come into the New tab of the Screening view of the Application. To view form responses, click on their name to open the profile card. Alternatively, you can scroll the whole view to the right and the answers will also appear in the columns.
If you are ready to accept the volunteer for this role or project outlined as the Application, go ahead and press the Qualify button or use the checkbox to bulk select and Qualify.

Confirmation Email

When you 'Qualify' a volunteer they will be sent an automated email letting them know they are approved. We advise that you attach a custom template as this will go out to only Qualified people. Typically the email will let them know the next steps, like selecting shifts. If you do not wish to have any Confirmation emails sent out you can go to the Details tab of the Application and uncheck the box.

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