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Importing people from a spreadsheet
Importing people from a spreadsheet

Upload your list of volunteers to invite or move into your Directory

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Most organizations come to Timecounts with a list of volunteers they currently work with or have worked with in the past. The easiest way to get this information into Timecounts is to import. Currently, Timecounts supports data uploads in the .CSV format. Most spreadsheet or CRM software can save or export as a .CSV file.

Importing a Person

If you are looking to simply import one person, you can press the 'Add Volunteer' button top right corner of the Directory view. This popup lets you switch between adding manually or importing a list.

Once you've added the new volunteers, they will first appear in the Import column of the Onboarding flow. From here you can choose to move immediately to the directory, or you can send them an invite to your hub, which will ask that they complete the form you designated for onboarding.

Importing a List

To begin importing, go to the Onboarding view and top right corner you will see a button for 'Import CSV'.

This will open up a popup that lets you select a CSV file. You can download a starter spreadsheet to make sure you are setting yourself up for success with the right column titles and formatting. If you plan to import a lot of additional information besides the name, email, phone, and address, it is a good idea to first create your custom database fields so there is something to match it to.

Choose a .csv file to upload. You must have permission to email and/or send SMS texts to the people you're importing, if so, check off the appropriate boxes. Without the permission boxes or opt-in dates imported, you will not be able to email or send SMS texts through Timecounts to the people you import.

In the process of importing into Timecounts, you will see a view with columns that give you an opportunity to correctly match to database fields. If you see errors in red simply use the dropdown at the top to correctly pair the database field with your imported data. Scroll to the right to see additional columns. This is only a sample of your data, so don't worry if you don't see everyone listed in this view.

You are able to import multiple times if you need to update or add information in bulk. Simply include the same email that corresponds with the profile in your Directory and it will update and/or overwrite the information.

You can import a .CSV file with any column names since you will be given a chance during the import process to match your spreadsheet columns with Timecounts fields.

After Importing

After successfully importing your list any volunteers that are not already in the Directory will appear in the Import tab of Onboarding. This gives you an opportunity to review and decide if you want to add them immediately to the Directory or send them an Invite to your hub to complete the form you selected for your onboarding.

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