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Set an Auto Welcome Email for Volunteers
Set an Auto Welcome Email for Volunteers

Customize the welcome message that is sent to new volunteers added to the directory.

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Create a Custom Welcome Message

Once volunteers complete the Open Registration Onboarding flow and are approved by the organization (added to the Directory), they will receive a Welcome Email. If you do not wish for this automated email to be sent out you can uncheck the box on the Details page of the Hub Editor.

The Welcome Message is a great opportunity to set the tone for your volunteers about what they can expect next and more specifically how you want them to take action. It is not mandatory that you create a custom welcome message, Timecounts has a default Welcome Email that will be sent out.

We encourage you to create a custom email template for your volunteers which you can link from the dropdown. This will allow you to really personalize and format the email. Only volunteers who are added to the Directory will receive this email, so it's a great opportunity to encourage them to sign up for available opportunities now that they may have special access or if this is only the first step in your New Volunteer flow, then use it as a trigger to ask them to complete the next step. Go to Settings / Data to create a new email template.

If you don't need to include any links in your email, you can write a very simple welcome message in the text box displayed.

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