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Credit Hours Scheduled in Timecounts
Credit Hours Scheduled in Timecounts

How to edit and approve time for activities scheduled in Timecounts

Updated over a week ago

All scheduled activity (shifts, events) in Timecounts has a designated time frame, so after it ends the system will automatically move these records over to the Track tab for approval.

You can edit the hours but using the edit pencil next to the time listed or use the bulk action to select and approve the page or a group of volunteers.

If you had someone volunteer for a shift or event, but they did not signup in advance, simply open the event or schedule and click 'assign'. Once you save this if it's in the past we will move that record back over to the track tab for approval.

You can also Decline or mark as a No show.

Volunteers do not receive an email when you credit their time, but they will see the hours reflected in their dashboard Track view.

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