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How Applications Work with Shift Schedules
How Applications Work with Shift Schedules

Linking an application to a position in the schedule restricts sign ups to only qualified volunteers.

Updated over a week ago

This feature is available on the Advanced and Pro Plans.

Link an Application to a Position in the Schedule

If you have an active Application you can associate this to a position in the schedule. What this does is ensure only Qualified volunteers from that Application can sign up for those shifts.

Open the Schedule and Click on the 'Manage Positions' button

If you are just starting to build your positions, click 'Add New'. If you already have positions created in the schedule select the edit pencil.

When you edit or create a position you'll find a dropdown at the bottom to associate an Application. The default is set to No Application, which basically means volunteers are able to sign up depending on the visibility permissions. You can still have control by reviewing shift requests, but linking an Application to a Position takes the guesswork out of it for volunteers.

What happens if a volunteer tries to sign up for a shift they are not qualified for?

If a shift schedule is public or visible to volunteers, if they try to select the shift they will experience a popup guiding them to apply (if Application is set to Open) or that they do not have permission to sign up (if Application is set to Close).

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