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Editing the Checklist
Editing the Checklist

Learn how to update or delete Checklist items and expiration settings.

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To edit a current Checklist Item, go to Settings in the main navigation and click on Checklist. There are a few things you can do:

Create a new Checklist Item

To add another item to your Checklist, click on the 'Add Item' button top right corner.

Edit a Checklist Item

To edit the Checklist item click on the edit pencil icon next to the item you wish to update. It will open a popup where you can modify the name, and how often your volunteers must complete the checklist item when it expires. You can also change your reminder preferences for when you want to be reminded. Once you've made your changes the 'Update Item' button will turn solid to save.

Please note: if you change the expiration dates it may impact your current volunteers associated with this item checked.

Delete a Checklist Item

If you no longer wish to use a checklist item you can remove it by clicking on the trash can icon beside it. You will see a confirmation popup letting you know this will remove the item from any volunteers associated.

Reorder the Checklist

You can reorder how your Checklist appears in profile cards by using the drag icon to the left of the checkbox and moving it up and down.


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