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How to create and work with email templates

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Email templates work great for canned responses you can insert when replying to volunteers and they provide a professionally formatted email that you can use when composing new emails. Templates are not mandatory but they are highly advised to attach for the Welcome Message, Invites, or Custom Confirmation/Reminder emails. There is no limit to how many email templates you can create.

Create an Email Template

Go to Settings and click on Data which will take you to the email templates management view.

Click the Add New button top right corner to create a new template.

You can insert database fields like FirstName and add buttons to direct people exactly where you need them to go. Then press 'Create' to save the Email Template.

Templates are an easy way to attach a custom message to the Welcome Email, Invites, Confirmation, and Reminder emails. Simply select from the dropdown list.

You'll also find templates available to insert into a new compose screen for general emails.

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