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Publishing an Event
Publishing an Event

Learn about making events available for volunteers to sign up.

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If you have a single-day volunteer opportunity or need to create an event as part of the volunteer onboarding experience, Events are a simple way to do this.

To create an Event, go to the Schedule tab in the navigation, and on the Events view click the 'New Event' button top right corner.

It will open a popup that lets you set the basic information for the Event. (Advanced and Pro Plans can create a Repeating Event).

Once you press the Create Event button, it will take you to the Edit Event page where you can add a photo and write content that tells volunteers about your event.

Before publishing, take a look at the Details tab across the top and set your preferences for the Event. You are able to decide the visibility of the event, how you wish to approve volunteers, attach an optional form and add custom communication to the thank you screen and automated emails the volunteers will receive.

Once you are happy with everything - go ahead and press the Publish button that appears in the top right corner. Once the Event is live a Share button will appear which will give you the URL that you can use to share or invite volunteers.

When you start to receive sign-ups for your Event, you will see a task on your dashboard or you can simply open the Event and go to the Signups view to manage.

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