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Make your organization searchable
Make your organization searchable

Turn on the search visibility of your organization in the user dashboard.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes a volunteer is told, "Go to Timecounts and sign up". This is great, but if they bypass your volunteer hub or don't get a direct link, they may not find you and get frustrated. Timecounts does not make organizations searchable by default as we work with a number of groups that prefer to remain private.
However, if people discovering your hub is not an issue you may wish to turn on your public visibility by going to General Settings and clicking on Preferences. It is the first toggle at the top of the page, just remember to press Save at the bottom to change your settings.
Having your organization visible in search does not change any of the permissions and visibility settings for your hub. It simply gives them a way to find your hub.

When set to Private, volunteers will not be able to search for your organization's name top right on the User Dashboard.

When you set it to Public, volunteers will see your organization's name in the search bar on the User Dashboard which takes them to your hub.

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