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Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to your Hub
Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to your Hub

Publishing an FAQ on your volunteer hub

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This feature is available on Advanced and Pro plans.

Why create an FAQ page on the hub?

One of the biggest time sinks for any leader of volunteers is having to answer the same questions again and again. It's also important for volunteers to get a clear understanding of how your volunteer program works and what will be expected of them. Posting the Questions and Answers on a dedicated page of your volunteer hub makes it very easy to communicate key things to volunteers.

Adding an FAQ page to the hub

If you are on a plan that unlocks this feature, when you go to the Hub Editor you will see a tab across the top called FAQ to start editing. There is a title across the top you can edit and an optional paragraph underneath.

Further down you'll see the first question ready for content to be added. Write the question first and then in the paragraph underneath add the answer. It can be as simple or lengthy as required. To add more questions click the button at the bottom right called 'Add New Question'.

If you wish to reorder your questions there is a drag icon top left corner of each question in the edit view to be able to move up and down. To delete use the trash icon. You can also highlight the text to reveal additional editing functionality like adding a link.

Tips to get started creating your FAQ page

It's completely normal not to have a list of commonly asked questions at the ready. Do not worry, the FAQ is something you can build over time. After your next interaction with a new or active volunteer jot down a few questions as they come up or better yet, open up Timecounts FAQ and type it in right away. Don't worry about getting the answer perfect yet - just imagine you are replying to an email and that will make it feel less daunting. You could even task a volunteer to help you build out the FAQ because who knows best what would be helpful!

Start with a couple of questions that new volunteers tend to want to know about.

  • What a new volunteer can expect

  • Time commitments or expectations

  • Notice period for cancelling a volunteer commitment

  • Accommodating volunteers with disabilities or physical limitations

Publishing the FAQ

When you are ready to publish the content on your FAQ page, simply click the Publish button top right corner. You'll know when you make changes because the button will turn yellow so you can keep it updated.

How will my volunteers experience the FAQ?

Once you publish your Hub FAQ click the 'Share' button top right, this will give you the URL for your hub. There is an FAQ tab across the top and a dedicated URL for this page should you wish to share that specifically.

When a volunteer views this page the question will be highlighted as a color and the arrow indicates that you can expand to view the answer.

On mobile volunteers will see a dedicated tab across the bottom of their phone.

How do I turn off the FAQ or make it private?

The FAQ is public by default. If you do not plan to use this feature yet or you wish to change the visibility setting to private go to the Details page of the Hub Editor and scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see the radial options to change to Private or No FAQ. Then press Save. You will see that on the public page of the hub, the tabs will no longer appear if turned off, and when private an empty state will appear to those not in your directory.

What are FAQ opportunity boxes?

There is an additional feature you can turn on that will add a content box to the bottom of events or applications directing people to the FAQ if they need to learn more. Go to the Hub Editor Details page and select the checkbox called 'Display FAQ box on opportunity pages'.

Add the FAQ to the footer of your emails

What's handy about the FAQ is that if you've made it public, there is a dedicated URL you can link in the footer of your email signature.

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