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A Quick Guide to Launching Your Volunteer Hub
A Quick Guide to Launching Your Volunteer Hub

Step-by-step instructions to set up your hub on Timecounts

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What is the Hub?

The Hub is your volunteer portal. It's where people learn about how they can involved by applying for roles or signing up for scheduled volunteer opportunities.

When you created your organization on Timecounts you decided on the URL for your hub - this is the URL you will share with your volunteers

There are a few key steps that only take a few minutes to launch your hub. Then you can come back and add more content and build out your hub with additional blocks. Go to the Hub Editor and follow these steps:

1. Upload a header image on the landing page of your Hub by clicking on 'Edit Photo' in the bottom left corner. While this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to use an image to make your hub look professional. If you do not have photos, check out which has free images available to download and use. You will want to add a title and subtitle that lets people know they are in the right place for volunteering with your organization.

2. Select the theme colors for your hub. There is a card that pops out from the right side of the Hub Editor where you can make changes to your Hub branding. It is important to make sure you choose the right colors for your buttons and text so it is visible. The theme colors will extend to all opportunity pages like applications, events, and shift signups.

3. Add images to your Find Opportunities page. Across the top of the Hub Editor click on the 'Opportunities' tab. Here you will find a basic page with a title, paragraph, and boxes for Applications, Events, and Shift Schedule. (Note: if you are on the Basic plan you will not see Applications). These boxes work like folders and introduce your volunteers to opportunity types available. It's really important to customize the images on these boxes so it's more user-friendly for your volunteers.

4. Review and Complete Preferences for your hub. From the Hub Editor click on the Details tab across the top. Go through each section and make sure it's set as you prefer. This is where you can attach a form for new volunteers to complete. Next, you'll want to click on Settings in the main navigation on the left-hand side. It's a legal requirement to complete the address and contact info before you can send and receive emails. Then click on Preferences across the top in Settings and review each of the items to make sure the hub and opportunities will work the way you envisioned.

5. Publish your hub! Once you've taken these key steps you're ready to go live and start posting opportunities. Go back to the Hub Editor and top right corner click the Publish button. You'll then see a 'Share' button appear where you can grab the public URL of your hub. It is this website link that you will want to add to your website and direct all new and active volunteers.

There is a lot more you can do with your hub - but if you want to simply get up and going in a few minutes follow this list and you're on your way!

To learn more about designing your hub and building out content that volunteers will love, check out this article coming soon.

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