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Learn How the Checklist Works
Learn How the Checklist Works

Track items volunteers must complete to maintain their status in your organization, with optional expiry reminders.

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This feature is available on Advanced and Pro plans.

Create Your Checklist

To set up or edit your Checklist go to the Settings for your Organization. You can find Settings by clicking the bottom left corner and looking for the Checklist tab.

Organizations have one master Checklist. Customize and format the checklist as you'd like for it to appear within the Qualifications tab of a volunteer's profile card.

To add a New Checklist Item, click 'Create New' top right corner.

It will give you the option to select from a preset list of commonly used checklist items, or you can Add a Custom Checklist Item from the dropdown.

Establishing an Expiration Date for a Checklist Item

Once you've given the checklist item a name, you will select "how often you want volunteers to complete this item". Choose how often your volunteers need to complete this item, if and when it expires, and when you would like to be reminded. All organizers have access to the Checklist Settings, so make sure to communicate this with your colleagues.

There are four options:

  • Only once

  • Expiry that reoccurs every certain number of days/weeks/months/years

  • Expiry on a specific date every year

  • Expiry on the volunteer's birthdate (if known)

Most checklist items will only need to be completed once, so the default setting is One Time.

Setting a Reminder

If your checklist item is set to expire in the future, you may wish to adjust the Reminder settings to give yourself the right amount of time to get this updated. The default time for a Reminder is 7 days before the item expires, but you can adjust this up to 59 days prior, or select Never if you do not wish to see it appear on your Dashboard as a task. Reminders refresh every hour, so if you make a change and don't see it appear right away, just check back.

Important: Reminders and expiration dates trigger after the first time you've checked an item. We understand that not everyone in your community will require a background check or training, so this way you can manage the process initially and not get inundated with irrelevant reminders.

Master Checklist

Now that you've created the items or tasks you wish for volunteers to complete, you may wish to reorder using the drag and drop to correspond with your onboarding process so there is a natural progression.

Adding a new Checklist item will immediately add it to all profile cards. Use the edit pencil to change the expiration and reminder dates, or update the name of the Checklist item at any time. Deleting an item from the Checklist will also remove it from all of the profiles in your Directory.

How the Checklist appears in Settings is exactly the same order in which it will appear in the Qualifications tab of every profile card.

Managing a Volunteer's Checklist

Once you've created your Checklist, it's ready for you to keep track of background checks, waivers or documents received, training sessions completed, and whatever you need to monitor - this is a private way for you and your admins to do just that. Volunteers do not see this list or receive automated notifications related to this Checklist.

The idea is simple if someone has completed the item, you open their profile card from the Checklist tab and check the relevant box. If the item has been set as One Time only, it will display a completed date. If you set an expiration date for the item, it will display the Completion Date and the deadline to renew.

You can edit all checklist items with the edit pencil.

Once your checklist item is in the renewal period, or the time you set for the reminder to begin (ie. 7 days before), you will notice that the check is removed even though it's still valid. It will display in green that it is in the renewal period. This is to make it super easy for you to update this Checklist item without having to override your settings.

If the item is overdue, it will also be unchecked but no longer valid. It will show the last date it was completed and display Overdue in orange.

You are able to adjust the Due Date and/or Completion Date for each Checklist item from within the profile card. Simply click on the box and then click the edit pencil.

Dashboard Reminders

When Checklist items are up for renewal, you will see a task appear on the dashboard.

Filtering Volunteers by Status

One of the most powerful features of the Checklist is the ability to filter your Directory based on whether or not they have completed a Checklist item or not. Also commonly known as a tickler, we have incorporated it directly into our filters since you already have the option to display dashboard reminders so you never miss a deadline.

There are four ways you can filter:

  • Has Completed

  • Has Not Completed

  • Is in Renewal Period

  • Is Overdue

Note: The Checklist is not yet directly linked to opportunities, so it does not automate who can or cannot sign up based on their certifications. This requirement feature will be released in late 2023.

Checklist Q&A

Question: Can I filter which groups get a specific checklist item? It looks like if I create a new item, it will automatically be applied to all profiles.

Answer: There is only one master checklist for everyone, but you can check an item for someone when it applies and leave ones blank that don't require it. We do not trigger a reminder unless you've first checked it - keeping it open to how you wish to organize it per person. To group people with a checklist item, you can use the filters to segment. Use the checklist feature combined with a tag to filter in the Directory to keep track.

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