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Restrict volunteers from signing up for opportunities until they are in the directory (onboarded)
Restrict volunteers from signing up for opportunities until they are in the directory (onboarded)

Restrict volunteers from signing up for opportunities until they have completed a form and onboarding tasks.

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Pros and Cons of Requiring Onboarding

When setting up your organization on Timecounts one of the first things you need to answer is:

Do you require that all volunteers complete a general form and/or corresponding checklist (i.e. waivers, training, or interviews) before they are able to apply or sign up for opportunities?

If the answer is Yes, then go to Settings / Preferences and make sure the toggle is set to Yes for Restricting Volunteers. This will ensure that even if you set opportunities to Public, Timecounts will display a popup directing them to first complete the onboarding form you selected on the Hub Editor / Details page. It's great to be able to display the kinds of opportunities people could volunteer for once they go through the process - but ensure you are getting the critical information you need in advance.

If you answer No, and update this preference accordingly it means people could still come through the new volunteer onboarding flow but it is treated more like a general form. Available to capture potential interest in volunteering, which is so important, as not everyone knows exactly what they want to do or is ready to start signing up for opportunities. The important thing to know is that if you have No selected, this allows anyone to sign up for public events, applications, and shifts. Remember, this may not matter as you can always add a form to activities and set permissions as 'To Review', so volunteers are not immediately confirmed until you approve them.

One way to simplify it is if your Hub is a house, onboarding is the front door. By Restricting volunteers you are ensuring all new volunteers first come through the front door to complete the same onboarding experience. If it doesn't matter and you select no, they can come through the front door or the window to sign up for opportunities.

Onboarding in Timecounts is how we describe the process for new volunteers. When registration is open on your Hub volunteers will press the call-to-action button and be directed to complete the form that you selected.

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