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Onboarding Button Options
Onboarding Button Options

The difference between onboarding options in the Hub.

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Once you've started to design your volunteer hub, you'll want to start thinking about Onboarding. There are a few things to consider so we'll walk through those step by step. If you go to the Hub Editor and across the top click on Details, this is where you will find most of your preferences relating to the onboarding of new volunteers.

There are three options for onboarding:

1. Open Registrations: 95% of organizations will select this option which is why we have it as default. It allows organizations to select a form for new volunteers to complete and customize the text on the CTA button.

2. Link Registrations: This option allows you to customize the button but also put in your own URL that you wish to direct people to. Most of the time this is going to direct people to the Find Opportunities page or to the Applications List view. What is important to know about this option is that masks the standard New Volunteer Onboarding option and redirects people to a different part of Timecounts.

3. Closed Registrations: event-based organizations may choose to use this option if their recruitment has paused temporarily, or if organizations are too overwhelmed to handle any new volunteer signups. We do not advise using this option for active organizations as there is a better way of handling volunteer interest by letting them know when they can hear back from you.

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