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What other companies do we share data with?
What other companies do we share data with?

A list of sub-processors that Timecounts works with.

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We take data security and privacy seriously. This is a list of third-party companies and services with which we use and may sometimes share data. We never share data unnecessarily and take care to choose partners who meet our privacy and security standards.

Timecounts works with the third parties ("Sub-Processors") set forth below to provide specific functionality within the Timecounts Services. To provide the relevant functionality, the Sub-processors access Personal Data as defined in the Data Processing Addendum (DPA).

Business Infrastructure

• Amazon Web Services, Inc. (Data Storage)

• Heroku (PAAS)

• Cloudflare (CDN)

Payment Services

• Stripe (Payment Processor)

• Xero (Accounting)


• (Google Analytics) Google LLC

Communication Tools

• Intercom (Customer Service/Help Centre)

• Mailchimp/Mandrill (Email Delivery)

• Uploadcare (Document Storage)


• Google (Login and Maps)

• Facebook (Login)

Last updated: May 1, 2023

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